Thank you for signing up for my newsletter, I hope you find this plugin useful. It’s small, convenient and very low footprint. This plugin will ensure your copyright information is always up to date on your site, protecting your rights. It will automatically place the correct year (or year span for sites older than one year) on your site.

You are also free to use this plugin as a giveaway like I am or as a prize but you are not allowed to sell it. Also, any references to this plugin or download links should be directed to this page as I will not be keeping it updated anywhere else, should updates occur, new features be added or items improved this will be the place to get the latest version. (ie if you want to put a link to the download in your autoresponder use http://admindaily.com/EasyCopyright.html

Here is the download link for the plugin: EasyCopyright v0.1.0

Simply extract the zip file on your computer and upload easycopyright.php to your plugins folder then follow these simple instructions to install it:

  1. Activate the plugin as you do with any plugin.
  2. Edit your themes footer.php file and place <?php echo easycopyright();?> wherever you want the copyright notice to show, this will create Copyright © 1995-2009 if your first post was from 1995 and your most recent was from 2009 or Copyright © 2009 if your posts are all from the same year. It also works in conjunction with wp-supercache as well.
  3. This plugin will also turn the © symbol into a link to your admin section in case your just too tired to type the address in manually ;-)

As an example, in my footer.php file I have this:

<?php echo easycopyright();?> AdminDaily.com All Rights Reserved.

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact page on this site.