Bloggers: Write Your Content 3 Times Faster

Are you a blogger? Have you ever sat and stared at the screen wishing you had more fingers or an extra hand while waiting for words to just appear because you lack the motivation to start typing? Well, there is a pretty awesome answer to this problem. Voice dictation software has made significant progress in recent years and is finally to the point where the technology works well enough (in my opinion) to use for things like blog posting, emails and so on.

is an awesome piece of software, it’s efficient and works almost flawlessly straight out of the box with literally no learning curve or ridiculous voice training needed as was the norm in the past, bottom line this thing kicks ass and can save any that spends time typing a heck of a lot of time. The average person who types regularly does so at around 40 words per minute, Dragon Naturally Speaking allows you to turbo charge your blogging and crank out words at about 120 words per minute which is 3 times faster than you can type. Can you think of anything you could do with more free time if you had it?

Pick up a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking and try it out, you won’t be disappointed.