Pinpoint Target Your Adsense Contextual Ads

Adsense, what a great little revenue generating monster. I don’t personally know of anyone that hates it, most love it and typically the only people you hear bitching about it are the ones who have been kicked out of the program for policy violations. As for me personally[…]

Ditch database queries, speed up WordPress

Wordpress is made so it is user friendly and easy to implement, so there are several ways that it can be optimized from it’s standard configuration. One of these ways is to reduce the number of database queries that are needed to retrieve the information to create the page, thus reducing database load and making your site load faster and saving server resources for when your post gets to the front page on Digg and just make the world a happier place overall.

The first place to go to reduce queries is your header.php file for your theme. If you open it in your favorite editor you will see many lines of code that looks something like this:[…]