Top 10 Reasons Why Lists Are Great For Generating Traffic

I know, the title of this post is about an idea that is a post about that same idea stating why that idea makes for such a good post, crazy isn’t it?

Anyhow, every blogger should have at least one common goal no matter what the rest of your goals are, and that goal is to get traffic to your site. People online are generally doing one of 3 things and I will only talk about two of them in this post, they are either looking for information or they are trying to make a decision about something and they want assistance making that decision. Providing lists well, here is the top 10 reasons why lists are great for generating traffic to your site.

  1. Lists are comprehensive · Generally speaking any good list will cover the best available options for the topic they are about.
  2. Lists are quick and easy · It is quick and easy to spot the information you are looking for in a list, saving the reader time.
  3. People love statistics · Top 10 lists are often times full of useful statistics on a particular topic, service or product.
  4. Lists are easy to link to · People will find lists and link to them to backup or substantiate  content on their own site.
  5. Lists can build credibility · If you produce a list that others feel is honest and unbiased they will respect you more for it.
  6. Consolidated information · Lists can be a valuable source of information from someone who has tried something already and found what works.
  7. Easy to digest · Lists are visually pleasant, by breaking thoughts into a list it makes the information much easier to follow.
  8. People look for them · When people are trying to make a decision, they will search for lists.
  9. Lists can be timeless · If done correctly, lists can bring in traffic for years to come.
  10. Just because · Proof in point, a top 10 list is nothing without the 10th point, so here it is.

As you can see, there is no real rocket science here. Lists are just good, that’s all there is to it and statistically people are most likely to search for “top 10″ top 5” and “top 100” in that order, so keep that in mind when you are making your lists.