Amazing Deal On Incredible Premium WordPress Themes

This is going to quite likely be the shortest review I will ever do. In my wanderings around the Internet I am always on the look out for great deals that both offer some quantifiable value and will also add something to my bottom line. This is one of those rare cases where one thing accomplishes both and then some.

WordPress themes seems to be an area that is highly over saturated with over priced “premium” themes and the millions of “free” themes that you will often times spend more time or money modifying them than you would spend just getting a custom theme from the start. I’m not going to ramble on spouting praise for the awesome designs over at Elegant Themes, I will just let the themes speak for themselves.

ele468You may be asking “why all the excitement?” Well, its quite simple. They have awesome themes over there, they are clean, well designed and presently they have 27 themes available on the site. Now, most premium theme sites charge per theme or they offer some kind of membership on a monthly basis, Elegant Themes is no different. they offer themes, all 27 of them and you have to pay… yes, you have to pay an entire $19.95 per year for access to all their current themes and any that come out in the future as long as you keep paying that “whopping” $19.95 yearly membership.

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I bought them, have used them on a few of my own sites and I am amazed every time I look one of the themes over.. I know this may sound like some crazy over excited rant but I love them, they are clean, coded well and the “little things” that are included in the themes go way above and beyond what you would expect from themes of this price, heck I wouldn’t even expect a theme that was $100 each to be this good. For example, check out this screen capture from the themes options page in WordPress admin. It’s an amazingly clean, easy to use and understand theme specific settings panel that just works. Unlike some other themes that have options that are confusing and don’t make sense these do, and there are even red question marks next to each that you can click on for an explanation of how to use each area.

Anyhow, I will stop my rambling now, head over to Elegant Themes and check them out. If you don’t look at them and instantly notice what an insane value these themes are for $19.95 I would be amazed… so go, get.. shoo.. go check them out and grab them before they realize they left off a digit on the price because I honestly would have paid $199.50 for all these themes.