Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day everyone. I know this isn’t a holiday that gets attentions like Christmas or even St Patrick’s Day but it is a holiday that has special meaning to me. I am personally more thankful that I could ever put into words for the sacrifice that members of the Armed Forces of our great country make for us today as well as the sacrifices of those that came before us.

On this day, please take a moment and ask yourself if there is anything you could do to make our country better tomorrow than it is today and set solid long term goals aimed at accomplishing that. If we all work together we can accomplish anything, that is the truth. Freedom isn’t free, we all need to chip into the pot on this one and also, if you know a Veteran tell them I said thank you for all they have done for all of us. For those who read this who are Veterans, thank you from a Iraq War Veteran who knows your sacrifice first hand and genuinely and whole heartily says thank you.

US Army 11B OIF 2-3 2004-2005