Busy Week, Welcome Mya And Happy 4th Of July

I normally try post 3-5 times a week but this past week has been quite busy for me, for a few reasons. I am currently compiling quite a few ideas for posts over the next couple days to make up for it. For anyone who is curious, here is a quick list of whats going on in my world over the past few days, one really big deal and a slew of other tasks of much less importance.

  1. On Monday June 29th at 9:07 PM my wife and I welcomed our first daughter into this world, her name is Mya Elizabeth and she is absolutely adorable. Thankfully she has 3 loving big brothers who I know will look after her (and keep the boys running)  lol
  2. I moved this site to a new dedicated server over the past few days, I was quite busy dealing with support, getting the IP’s I needed and such.
  3. I completely optimized the server and this site to deliver the best possible performance for my needs. This included multiple methods of caching, optimization of images and site content and a few other cool things.
  4. I have several other sites that I am in the process of moving as well.

I will be doing a post in the coming days outlining the steps I used to take this site from a 53 Yslow score up to a 80 and I will be making tutorials for all the steps for optimizing page load times, content caching and Apache server tweaks. I will also be making some tutorials outlining the correct way to move a WordPress site from one server to another without any down time or losing any posts or comments, essentiall making the tranfer completey invisible to site visitors.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend, for those who are here in the USA Happy Independence Day and God bless each of you and our great country.

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