Google Pagerank Update April 3 2010

Well folks, for anyone that cares the big G is rolling out a PR update as I write this post. I have seen some significant movement on a few clients sites, thankfully all are for the good so far. This update was no surprise really as most who keep track of these things anticipated there would be an update either the last week of March or this week so here we are.

I would love to hear any reports from others whether it was a success or well… not and what your methods of promotion and link building have consisted of over the past year. As time passes the methods people use to gain authority need to be clean and consistent, as I have always said slow is steady and steady is fast. If you push it, use slimy tactics or try to cheat the system you will get caught and the penalty isn’t worth it in my opinion.

7 thoughts on “Google Pagerank Update April 3 2010”

  1. In this case, no change may be a good thing.. I have heard from many people
    of losses in PR on this update.. so keep up the good work if yours stayed
    the same or went up :)

    If you care about this sort of thing that is…

  2. Hi Jesse,

    Well, the thing is that my main blog is a PR4 for almost 1 year and I was expecting to get to 5.
    Nonetheless I'm happy with the search engine results that I'm getting lately.

  3. I haven’t been following PageRank that much for the last year. It is something that is nice to have, but it won’t make or break you.

    I saw that some people said that there was a PageRank update around June 6th. I haven’t seen any changes with any of my sites. I was thinking it would happen in about one week from now, but I could be wrong.

    Do you know if a update happened this June?

    • I don’t worry about pagerank much any more either, I just do what I do and let the rest handle itself.. While pagerank is important, using it as your only measure is way off.. I feel that if you build a site correctly and promote it correctly the rest will fall into place.

      I did hear from others that an update happened but I didn’t see any changes personally so I can’t say for sure, I had also thought it would be the first week of July… hard to say though.

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