How to choose the best niche market

Before you attempt to choose the best niche market for your affiliate or Internet marketing business it is best if you understand what a niche actually is. A niche market is a small, specific segment of a larger market that is usually created by the needs or wants of individuals or businesses in which there is a lower level of competition when compared to the larger markets scope. Ideally developing a strong niche will allow your offerings to be more directly tailored to a specific demographic than the offerings of your competitors.

So, how does one go about picking the best niche market to work within? There are several ways to accomplish this, one of these options could be to find something that you are personally passionate about or possibly even an expert in, by doing this you will likely find much more enjoyment in addition to having a much greater likelihood of being able to connect with your target market. The downside to taking this approach comes along if the niche is not in high enough demand, it may take a substantially longer time to turn a profit within it. Another option is to find a niche that is in higher demand in which you are not a subject matter expert, that is not completely saturated to the point that you will be competing with everyone and their brother, 3 cousins, mother and next door neighbors in and that you are confident you have the ability to properly research and educate yourself in the niche adequately enough to allow you to be successful, and in time, become an expert in the niche. One downside to choosing the later will come if you find no enjoyment in, or are completely uninterested in the niche you have chosen. Lack of enjoyment or interest are two of, if not the largest factors in a sites failure. If you don’t want to do it, you are much more likely to give up. This is why I always advise picking something you are passionate about, have knowledge in and get excited about.

I’m not here to tell you that it has to be one or the other. Nothing is ever completely cut and dry, in a perfect world you will find something that is a “happy medium” between the two previous options. If you can find a niche that you have some knowledge in, that is sought after by enough people online who are willing to pay for the answers, services or products you are not only capable of providing but supporting as well, you stand a much greater change of being successful.

As always, do your research. If you are looking for information to help you narrow down your niche, check sites like Amazon or Ebay to see what is in demand or research written publications that offer information about your areas of interest. If there are publications written about it, chances are very high that there is a demand.

These simple steps will hopefully point you in the right direction but like everything else in life, there is much more to it. Make sure to research, make sure there is a demand before you put in the long hours and check out the competition, you might as well know who or what you are up against before you dive in head first.

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