Make Money Online Or Make Me Money Online?

Just how many blogs can there be on the Internet that are there just for you, with their only purpose being to produce content specifically about “making money online” that you can read, utilize and learn from during your journey to make it big on the Internet? Millions is the correct answer, and do any of them contain useful content, well… a few do but the vast majority of them are complete junk.

It has become quite lucrative for a few “A-List” bloggers to devote their site completely to the “make money online” niche, and they make a killing doing it but that doesn’t mean they provide any useful content for their readers, you really need to look at each site independently and make the determination for yourself. You can ask yourself one question that should clear things up for you, “is this person legitimately here to help me make money online or is their sole purpose to make themselves money online?” If it’s the latter, it’s usually quite obvious.

I read about 30 blogs daily that I believe contain useful information on various topics or somehow provide me with enjoyment but that list is shrinking almost daily as a few that  I used to read and respect have stopped producing any useful content and the content they do produce is always so financially motivated that it literally stinks from the blatant “pay me and I will say anything” policy that some of these bloggers have adopted. Some are worse than others, and some really do provide a genuine value for their readers but beware, ulterior motives can often times cloud an individuals judgement so please double check everything, never take one persons word as the gospel truth on anything and watch out for yourself.

I’m not going to call anyone out here, nor will I endorse anyone either as it should be just as obvious to anyone out there as it is to me who sucks and who doesn’t, just be careful and make your own determinations. Beware of the “make me money online” individuals and when you do find someone who honestly helps you, tell them thanks becasue they are getting to be fewer and farther between these days.

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  1. wonderful site you have here great information thanks so much will return when i have more time to read :)

  2. You’re funny dude, you’re keeping it real! I know these blogs get that attitude all the time, I can’t tell you how many rss feeds I don’t read anymore because they are just out for money, not helping. A Good question to consider, “why wouldn’t they?” What good does it do them to help us? They only pretend to care so they can sucker people into buying their crap. You are awesome dude! Thank you!
    .-= Shelly Freigh´s last blog ..Google Business Kit =-.

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