Productivity Tip: Use Tasks Addon In Gmail To Save Time

I get about 50-100 emails a day (not counting spam) and keeping track of the who, what, wheres and to-do’s from those emails has been a time consuming job. In my never ending search to improve my efficiency I found a very handy add-on for Gmail that puts a floating tasks window inside your GMail inbox that looks like this:

capture_01 Sep. 15 10.24 As you can see, it is pretty straight forward. If you want to add more details, due dates or notes to a task you can click on it to deal with one task specifically or you can just leave them as is and check the box after its done. For me this makes a nice way to keep a chronological to do list handy. While I am reading my emails, I type in the things that need to be done and then I work my way through the list, saving a lot of headaches and time in the process.

To enable this add-on, click on the labs button in your GMail account and enable it within (this may also already be enabled in your account, in that case just look for a “Tasks” link on the left side below your folder navigation. I hope you find this useful and that it saves you a few minutes that you can better apply doing other things.

Please feel free to leave any additional time management tips you may have as comments on this post.