Google Flags Own Emails As Spam In Gmail, FAIL

About a month ago I switched my email over to Gmail Aps and have been completely pleased with the performance and feature set that is offered in the free version and have considered moving up to the paid version shortly.

This morning I decided to check out my spam folder just to see what was in there and make sure that nothing had snuck in there that I wanted, we all know that sometimes a real email gets tagged as spam and ends up in the spam folder. What I found in my spam folder really surprised me, of a total of 4 emails in there 3 of them were sent by Google and Google flagged them as spam, how funny is that?

To elaborate on this a bit I use feedburner for my site feeds, pretty standard.. It sends updates when I post new content on my blog, also very standard… When the emails are sent, it has my email address as the reply to address and a google address as the set by address, again completely standard.. HOWEVER, Google flagged those messages as spam and sent me a nice link to a page about email spoofing, saying that someone has sent an email pretending to be me and that it is a common tactic of spammers.. Here’s an image of one of the offending emails, as you will see there is nothing out of the ordinary at all, and you would surely think Google would white list its own email addresses to avoid feedburner updates from being flagged as spam by Gmail.

capture_02 Sep. 14 11.26