Selling something? Don’t be an idiot and make this mistake

In order to be continually successful in Internet marketing, as with any other profession, you need to keep on top of your stuff. Something that I see entirely too often are individuals that develop something, promote it, start selling it and then they put it on auto pilot and expect to sit back on their rear, do nothing and watch the millions roll in, well, this is NOT the right way to do it.

Continued success requires continued effort, the effort does not need to be as intense as it was initially but anything you are marketing, promoting or selling on the Internet does need to be maintained if you expect long term results from it. You might be asking why i am writing this post, well its pretty simple, I am going to tell you one of the BIGGEST and most simple mistakes any online marketer can make that could potentially cost you a fortune and when I tell you, you will probably say something like “what, that… wait, no kidding that’s so obvious I can’t believe I screwed that up”.

Here is a scenario, you are looking for something online as a purchaser, you search for it and get a list of results on the page. Having this information in front of you, you start looking over the various pages selling whatever you are looking for, they all sort of look the same, they all have testimonials, they are all terribly ugly but effective sales pages, you skim over the mile long page, reading bits and pieces to see if you are interested in it. As this continues, you are sort of interested and may buy, until you get to the bottom of the page and notice it says this:

copyright 2005 all rights reserved

DUH, it’s 2009 (or whatever year you read this) and if someone can’t at least keep their sales page updated to reflect what year it is, I want no part of their product even if it is the best on the market still. I will assume that a newer copyright date means a newer product even if that may not be the case. It doesn’t matter one bit if you release a new version of your software, product or service 5 times a year. If that one little date on the bottom of your page is outdated, you are sending money away. Don’t let this simple mistake cost you money.