How to start a profitable niche internet marketing business

Niche marketing is about finding small areas or opportunities on the web where there likely could be interest, but web searches haven’t gone through the roof yet. For this purpose, we are going to focus on developing multiple mini-sites tailored to provide a specific demographic specifically what they are looking for and nothing else. Most big corporations and many experienced webmasters will steer clear of this because they aren’t important or profitable enough for them. However, if you are looking for a small business to start with, that can grow and evolve with you over time you may have come to the right place.  Setting up and operating multiple mini-sites is not going to generate thousand of dollars a month overnight, but even starting out with hundreds is okay.

One of the first things you need to do is keyword research, you need to look for small unsaturated markets that have little or no competition. There are several tools for key word research, one such tool is  Wordtracker which is a good tool to use, especially for beginners. No matter what program you choose to use, you need to find one that tells you how many searches and how many results were found for each search engine out there for your particular keyword or phrase. Wordtracker has a column called KEI, this column is the index that balances the number of searches and the number of competitors, the more searches a keyword or phrase has with the least amount of competitors the better the chance that there may very well be an opportunity for you with them. A KEI of 10 is okay, but one over a 100 is better. If you find KEI of more than 400, consider it a gift and work it to the best of your ability.

Once you have located the best opportunities for you and found the niche you would like to develop, the next piece is to get content suited to your niche that focuses on your particular keywords and phrases. Where do you go to get content? If you are knowledgeable or an expert in the area you have chosen to work in, you can write your own content, but if not  you can find lots of article directories that offer content for use by others, millions of PLR articles or you can purchase content directly from thousands of writers who make a living providing quality unique content to site owners who just don’t have the time or perhaps the desire to produce their own content. Of course there are drawbacks to using content from others, the biggest reason I choose not to is the ever increasing likelihood that the content has been or will be sold to someone else in addition to you, always make sure you check to make sure your content is unique.

Now that you have your niche picked out and your keywords listed it is time to purchase or register a domain name, whatever name you choose, make sure it takes in to consideration your target market, keywords and the demographic of those within your target market. Getting traffic to your site and monetizing your website are the next things to do, develop this by utilizing ad campaigns, link building and the ever beneficial “make friends with others with the same interests” methods, this bit takes dedication, work and time. Don’t expect anything to happen overnight with no effort on your part, it just doesn’t happen that way anymore.

Now is the time to decide just how you want to make money from the website, do you want to create a product yourself and market it to your audience, do you want to offer services or information on a membership basis or perhaps you want to use third party advertisements or affiliate programs to earn revenue? Whatever approach you take to monetizing your site, find and develop a business model that works for you and make sure that you actually work it. 99 percent of people that start a website to make money fail to do so, dedication and hard work are the only hope you have to be in the 1 percent of those making money online.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to start these small niche businesses, but remember you likely won’t become a millionaire over night, dedication, hard work and perseverance will pay off in the long run, of course a little luck never hurts either.

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    • If you put the proper amount of effort into anything you can reach its potential, but if there is no potential there to begin with don’t bother wasting your time. You don’t control what people are searching for..

      by the way, i approved your comment but deleted your link as I dont allow links to sites that are just affiliate clone sites :-)

  1. Thank you for the precious lesson. Indeed I use my site to advertise property and real estate product in our specific region. That’s the niche suits to my interest and realm I run so far. I don’t know other kind of online monetizing model.

  2. Once you have located the best opportunities for you and found the niche you would like to develop, the next piece is to get content suited to your niche that focuses on your particular keywords and phrases.

    • Thanks for stopping by David, good point you add about the cost of advertising.. It’s critical to know where the line is between effective advertising levels and throwing money out the window.

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