Five Tips For Successful Internet Marketing

With the rapid growth of the Internet today, the possibilities are unlimited for developing a successful Internet marketing campaign based upon your products, services or promotions. Each day more and more people go online searching for products and services on the global market, there aren’t many items on the market today that you can’t purchase over the Internet and in most cases have it at your door in days or even download instantly. This is creating an environment of monumental growth opportunities for businesses[…]

What is my niche? Do I have to commit to just one?

I was reading my daily does of “OPB” or, other peoples blogs today and I got to thinking, what is my niche, what market am I focusing on, what are my goals for this site and do I really need to narrow my focus to one particular area of development? I decided, I don’t need to limit myself and I can blog about whatever I want on here as I am the one paying the bills lol.

There are millions of blogs on the Internet, approximately 180,000,000 at this moment, that is an astounding number. Now, of course there are a large amount of those that are stagnant or perhaps[…]