What is my niche? Do I have to commit to just one?

I was reading my daily does of “OPB” or, other peoples blogs today and I got to thinking, what is my niche, what market am I focusing on, what are my goals for this site and do I really need to narrow my focus to one particular area of development? I decided, I don’t need to limit myself and I can blog about whatever I want on here as I am the one paying the bills lol.

There are millions of blogs on the Internet, approximately 180,000,000 at this moment, that is an astounding number. Now, of course there are a large amount of those that are stagnant or perhaps Grandmas knitting and scrap booking site that gets 3 visitors a year, but either way that is still an awfully lot of domains, content and ideas floating around in the blogoshphere. At an estimated growth of 180,000 new blogs a day about any and every topic you can imagine, it is getting increasingly more difficult to attract readers and the importance of actually having something meaningful to say is at an all time high.

Narrowing your focus, specifically targeting your desired market and providing relevant valuable content to your visitors is important, but don’t ever feel like you can only blog about one topic. Initially I was going to try to limit my focus on this site, but I realized that the needs of those who will come here are different than that of those who may visit other sites, or other niche specific sites to be more precise. My goal here is not to brag about how much money I make online from my other sites, or to make you think I am any different than anyone else. My goal with this site is to help you run the most efficient and profitable online venture that you possibly can, I love seeing, hearing and being a part of success stories, I hope you want your story to be the next great one.

Everyone knows there are way too many “make money online” sites out there already, and the purpose of this site is substantially different than the typical make money online blog, my goal here is focused on the fact that the majority of people who make money online do it with, from or in conjunction with a website. My goal is to, as it says in the tag line here, “Make your site a success” this means educating and informing people on best practices in a variety of areas to enable them to operate an efficient and profitable online business, no matter what your niche may be. If you make money driving a car, obviously having your car operating at peak efficiency will make you more money, a website is not so different. I don’t care if you are selling wuzzles or widgets, ideas or knowledge, I want to help you be successful in whatever you do, so bear with me as my topics may be broad at times, and my posts may not always apply to everyone but I will try my best to always make sure the information I provide on here will benefit you if you put forth honest effort and follow through.

So, after rambling here a bit, what I am basically saying is this; no matter what you do, no matter what your online ventures are, if you make your money using a website of any form, I will help you tune it, develop it and streamline it so it functions as best it can for your given use, from SEO, design, function, features, marketing ideas, promotion and more. I also welcome commentary so please feel free to post anything you would like more information on, commenst, suggestions or feedback, I am an open book.

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    • I hear ya, I absolutely detest spammers too. I also make money from making peoples sites work.. I just decided it was high time that I take the knowledge I use to make other people profitable sites and make one for myself :-) I also like sharing information and having an outlet to say whatever I feel like saying at the time.. thanks for stopping by.

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