Prioritize Your SEO Tasks To Save Time

Anyone that has read more then three words on my blog will know I am very interested in SEO techniques and the value or lack of value that each of them carry. When doing SEO work on any site, you should prioritize the tasks you need to complete and work on them in[…]

Do The Hard Work, It Will Be Worth It

Whether you work for yourself or an overbearing annoying boss type the facts are still the same, you need to put in your time and effort if you expect to better yourself and advance in your profession, no matter what that professions is. In this post, I am going to[…]

Is Your Site A PageRank Dead End?

You don’t want all the hard work you put into building your site, developing content and gaining high ranking back links to go to waste, so don’t set yourself up for failure by making your site a PageRank dead end. To understand the concept of PageRank flow it often times helps to look at it like the flow of traffic on a roadway. Each followed back link you get to your site from[…]

Page Rank, Back links, Keywords and Trust Rank?

Every day I talk to someone that is either elated or completely bummed out when they find out what their page rank currently is. I of course will reply telling them that it’s great news when its high, and when its low I tell them not to worry about it quite so much, and then we talk about trust rank.

Everyone who is actively working towards a goal that involves making their living online should understand a few things[…]