Do The Hard Work, It Will Be Worth It

Whether you work for yourself or an overbearing annoying boss type the facts are still the same, you need to put in your time and effort if you expect to better yourself and advance in your profession, no matter what that professions is. In this post, I am going to rant and gripe while explaining to you the importance of doing the hard work and just why it’s always worth it in the long run.

As an example, I will start off with a fictional character named Joe Blogger. Joe is a great guy, generally works well with others, treats those around him with respect and is someone you would leave alone in your home with a $20 on the counter and not think he would pocket it BUT Joe has one thing going against him, he is terribly lazy, had no work ethic and rarely follows through on any projects he starts or if he does finish the project it will be so hastily completed that it will be completely valueless. This is very unfortunate for Joe because everyone that knows him has counted him out long ago saying he is lazy, manages his time poorly and that he is in general highly unmotivated.

Don’t let what has happened to Joe happen to your site, follow through on your work and pay attention to deadlines whether they are imposed by others or by yourself as though they are equally important. Instead of only writing that 50 word post that shares no valuable information with your readers, put in the extra effort to do some quality research then use that information in a well structured, properly formatted fashion and you will be amazed at how your readership responds. They will start coming back, they will start subscribing to your RSS feed and your newsletter and your traffic to your site will increase. It’s basic math, you provide content that has value and that will equal an increase in visitors to your site which will equal an increase in the revenue that you are able to generate with your site, plain and simple.

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  1. Unfortunately, I think everyone knows someone like Joe, and he’s usually very smart in my experience. Too smart for the fact that he’s so lazy. It’s so frustrating, because you know that they ahve the potential to be so much more. They fall behind while people with less reputable character and lower IQ leapfrog them, because they work hard. Don’t be a Joe.

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