The Best Time Of Day To Publish Posts

Every blogger should have a few things in common such as a love for writing (not really) some technical proficiency (maybe) and most importantly every successful blogger should be psychic or at a minimum partially omniscient. Having these traits will allow you to know what topics you should cover and when to post them. I have tried several different strategies for posting and have found two options that seem to provide the best results, at least for me. I typically try to either publish my posts in the late afternoon or mid morning to reach as many people in my target groups as possible.

When deciding when to publish your posts it is important to consider who your intended audience is, where they are in the world and what their daily schedule is likely to be. If you are posting about myspace graphics you would likely be targeting teens who are in school so the best time to post would be late afternoons just before they get home from school or on weekends. If you are writing a post about affiliate marketing or search engine optimization you are likely targeting people who work online and spend a large portion of their day online, so publishing your post mid morning typically works best for those types of posts.

There are several reasons why certain times are also terrible to post at, as an example if you publish a post at 1am in the time zone of your intended audience no one will read it when you publish is and you will run a much higher risk that your notification email or feedburner update will be deleted with the 50 spam emails your intended recipient will have in their inbox first thing in the morning. By waiting until 10am it is likely they will have already cleared out the crap from their inbox and will actually see your message leading them to read your post. Timing is, or at least can be everything.

Most importantly, experiment with your own content, try different strategies and keep what works and throw out what doesn’t.

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