Ditch database queries, speed up WordPress

Wordpress is made so it is user friendly and easy to implement, so there are several ways that it can be optimized from it’s standard configuration. One of these ways is to reduce the number of database queries that are needed to retrieve the information to create the page, thus reducing database load and making your site load faster and saving server resources for when your post gets to the front page on Digg and just make the world a happier place overall.

The first place to go to reduce queries is your header.php file for your theme. If you open it in your favorite editor you will see many lines of code that looks something like this:[…]

Secure your WordPress site Part 1

In the past few weeks I have read about dozens of Wordpress based sites that have come under some form of attack, while I feel sympathetic for the victims I hate to say that most of the ways Wordpress based sites are attacked can be prevented by simple measures that any site owner can accomplish. I will start off, what may be a mufti-part series on how to secure your Wordpress site now. While this is not the end all, be all of Wordpress security, following these tips will be an effective start to thoroughly protecting your Wordpress site and will make your site much more secure than most. If you really are serious about making money online, protect your business, it’s your responsibility[…]

Stop framing sites from stealing your content

As with any business, it takes work to operate a succesful website and producing frequent, quality content can be a time consuming task, especially if you care what you write about. About 2 months ago on another site of mine, I started to find an excessive amount of requests coming from one particular IP so I dug in a bit deeper to get to the bottom of it. The requests led me to find a site that was taking website content and framing it (putting it inside an iframe) on their page, so basically it was my site within a page on their site, with their address in the url and a header at the top with their ads on it.[…]