Made a new plugin, giving it away for free

Hey everyone, if you happened to read my previous post about people selling stuff and not keeping their copyright date updated you will know where the idea for this plugin came from. So anyhow, I made a plugin that handles all this for you, simply upload it, activate it and follow the included instructions and it will automatically keep your footer (or anywhere else you want it) copyright date updated based upon the dates of your posts, so if you made your first post in 1982 (when you were partying like it was 1999) and your most recent post is of course this year, this plugin will[…]

How I convinced my webhost to unblock Googlebot

In my last post I mentioned the difficulties I was having with my hosting provider and their inability to understand that they had blocked Googlebot from crawling my site. I of course tried the live chat route, then I did the ticket submit route followed by more live chat, another ticket and so on. This continued for 5 days before I finally managed to reach someone who actually felt like checking into it rather than giving me the “everything seems fine from our end” response that the other dozen or so people had given me. In this last email, the level 3 administrator stated that he had found google IP’s that were accidentally blocked and that he had removed them from the firewall blacklist, literally 20 minutes later I had hits on my traffic log from Googlebot, so I replied with a few[…]

Why I don’t like shared hosting.

It’s been a few days since I last posted, so I figured I would make a quick post about why I haven’t posted in a few days.

I have been trying to track down a few problems that are preventing this site and others I have on the same server from being crawled by Googlebot. About a week ago my daily crawl averages dropped straight down to zero on about 6 sites that I have on the same server, which just happens to be a shared hosting account. I also have a bunch of other sites that are on a different host, and some that are on dedicated servers that are being crawled just fine, so this led me to check if perhaps my hosting provider was blocking Googlebot. By all indications, this is indeed what is happening but[…]

Win cold hard cash by commenting on my blog

Hello everyone and welcome to the first of many contest that I plan on having here, the concept behind this is simple.

1. Sign up for my newsletter by submitting your email address in the form on the top right of my home page (and confirming your email address)
2. Comment on my blog with useful commentary that adds to the discussion and I will give you one entry for each approved comment between now and midnight April 30th, 2009.
3. One lucky winner will receive $25USD via PayPal after the drawing that will be held on May 1st, 2009. To win, get your name drawn and be on my newsletter list when I check and you get paid[…]

Twitter spoofs run rampant online

I was just “researching” some information for future posts and came across a hilarious video about a company called Flutter.. It was originally posted by Slate Magazine and is considered …

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