I just pwn3d a lame ass scraper site

I love when someone else’s plans to scrape content and build a “niche” site from that content fails miserably. Sites that are offering worthless content in the name of “gaming” the system for monetary gain are popping up by the thousands every day it seems. Many of these sites will[…]

Don’t have featured articles? you should add them

I’m sure you have all seen the various sliding, scrolling, rotating, blinking or fading featured post concoctions floating around the internet lately. While some people love them, some hate them and others could care less, there is one reason why every site should have them that should trump any reason you could have to not have one. Looking at the big players sites you will see that they all have them and whether they know it or not there is a very good reason why they are there[…]

Save heartbreak, check your domain before you buy

You have developed your business model, set aside or acquired funding and set into motion the grandest of ventures ever known to mankind. You devote countless hours to your mission, tirelessly you plug away producing content and marketing your new site and often times working until 4am when you have to stop because your eyes a burning and your spouse is threatening to physically harm you if you don’t go to bed. Things are just starting to roll as you had hoped and dreamed, then something terrible happens.. Your fancy newSEO’d , keyword optimized, clean, beautifully designed content rich site is nowhere to be found on search engines, you know you have done your research and you should be owning your niche but nothing is there, no traffic, no results on the search engines so you start to cry and end up locking yourself in your bedroom drowning your woes with Diet Coke and Doritos, ending up broke, alone and 450lbs… Oh, why you say.. Why did this happen?[…]