I just pwn3d a lame ass scraper site

I love when someone else’s plans to scrape content and build a “niche” site from that content fails miserably. Sites  that are offering worthless content in the name of “gaming” the system for monetary gain are popping up by the thousands every day it seems. Many of these sites will troll the web looking for related bits of content and will then pull that content into a page. They assume by targeting keywords related to their chosen niche that they will effectively produce a site with relevant content with little or no effort on their part at all.

Today I got a pingback from a site, so out of boredom mostly I decided to check it out. Guess what I found, a site about lighting had scraped part of my post about twitter spammers not being the brightest bulbs lol, so apparently one of their keyword choices was “brightest bulbs” and as you can tell, my blog and that post have absolutely nothing to do with lighting . Anyhow, here is a snapshot of the site in question if anyone is curious. I got a laugh out of this and thought what the heck, might as well share it.


8 thoughts on “I just pwn3d a lame ass scraper site”

  1. Thanks for dropping by Charles. If you notice in the screenshot, they were unable to get the actual post from my blog that they were after. I use a plugin called bad habits that for the most part keeps scrapers and teh like from even seeing my blog, if they can get past it they won’t get the content anyhow.. I’ve been very happy with it so far.

  2. Scraper sites are not a bad thing. In fact, they are not always scraper sites. There is absolutely nothing wrong with aggregating data and putting it in one place. And it gets You traffic. It gets you links. Let those idiots do it the “easy way” and make nothing – they only give you more power. But yea, I think it’s funny too :D
    .-= Brian´s last blog ..Why Rockstar Will Not Show Ballad Of Gay Tony At E3 =-.

    • I agree that aggregators arent a bad thing all the time, it’s when they take more than a “piece” of someones content without the authors consent and cause duplicate content that I have a problem with. If they use a excerpt with a link back to the original source, I am fine with that typically.

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    *EDIT this is a prime example of how to get me to remove your link in a comment, if you can’t post something relevant don’t bother posting at all :-) Happy Friday everyone

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