Twitter E Coli, cook the blue bird to 160 degrees F

News news AND more news, there is never a shortage of news on the news or news about news. I get most of my news from the Internet at various sources and lately I have been using a neat little tool called Google Trends to see whats hot and spicy on the web at that very moment. Presently it’s Twitter and a big E. coli 0157:H7 caused beef recall of 96,000 pounds, so make sure you cook your meat to a minimum temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

You may be asking what this has to do with this site, well to be quite honest it has absolutely nothing to do with it and actually has nothing to do with this article. This post is sort of an experiment on my part as well as an instructional bit that you can use to help your marketing efforts as well. We all know hot news sells, people search for the latest news and often times it is hard to find. Google, Yahoo and MSN have it built into their system to scour the net for stories related to what people are frantically searching for and often times these search engines will give a big bunch of “temporary credibility” to a post or site that contains good information about these topics, so I made this post to test this out.

By using the title I have, some people will be drawn here just to see what the heck it’s about, and others will search for information about twitter, some will search for information about the beef recall that’s affecting meats in several states and some will just stumble upon it for no apparent reason. That is why I choose E. coli 0157:H7 the beef recall and twitter for the same article, trends, popularity and oodles of web traffic.

What is the lesson here you are probably asking, well it’s quite simple. No matter what your niche, you can get highly targeted traffic to your site by paying attention to whats trending at the moment and that’s exactly why I intentionally wrote this article to have as little to do with my typical niche audience as possible, I want raw data on traffic that I can completely attribute to this article and not to my regular readership :-) So get sarching and see what the world is looking for that you can write about, you will like the results I promise.