I just pwn3d a lame ass scraper site

I love when someone else’s plans to scrape content and build a “niche” site from that content fails miserably. Sites that are offering worthless content in the name of “gaming” the system for monetary gain are popping up by the thousands every day it seems. Many of these sites will[…]

3 Easy Steps To A Spam Free WordPress Blog

WordPress is an amazing content delivery platform that offers a multitude of options and features that can accommodate the needs of most content creators. WordPress is presently in use by millions around the world, unfortunately with popularity comes a painful side effect, SPAM. If you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years or just don’t know, SPAM is[…]

Twitter spammers arent the brightest bulbs on the tree

Twitter… what an incredible platform it’s turning out to be. There aren’t many ways you can get a message, thought, product or idea out to as many people as easily as you can on Twitter and Twitter is free. The same features that make Twitter such an amazing marketing tool are also what make it a popular hang out for spammers, and to top it off it’s breeding a whole new generation of spammers that don’t even know they are[…]

Stop Twitter Spam, the easy way

I’ve recenlty started using Twitter to promote my business, my sites as well as products and offerings but I also participate in the “community” aspect of it and really enjoy the dialog that comes from actually using the service as it was intended. I don’t use any automated tools to send messages, I do follow everyone that follows me on my @ad0 account but I do it the old fashioned way, I actually go through my list of followers[…]