Google Tracking Cookie Uses Reverse Cathode Ray To Actually See You

In a very surprising turn of events a piece of news has come out that absolutely astounded me. Everyone probably knows of the changes Google recently made with their tracking cookie usage and the privacy page requirement that came as a result of this new technology.

I received this information from an individual high within the organization after promising I would not use any names as this individual is not authorized to discuss these matters with anyone. Using modern technology to track your readers web activities is not new, but this twist on it will likely forever change the Internet as we know it. I am still waiting on a response from Al Gore, who as we all know invented the interweb.

The basic technology for this method comes from information Google gained by purchasing the Hubble telescope last May, and now we understand just why they were so interested in imaging solutions that are outside of the visible spectrum. This new tracking cookie is literally able to decipher the facial characteristics of site visitors and generate sitewide heat maps for marketing analysis and other purposes, to see this crazy technology in use just click on the link at the end of this post and you will see a live demo, its is absolutely amazing and uncanny.. not to mention just a little bit scary.. Here is the link to see the live demo, granted its not perfect but you will definitely know its you, it will even likely capture the startled look on your face as you see it, because it captures its data live (CLICK HERE)

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