Help Me Stop The Worst Twitter RT Spammers

How many times have you seen a RT @ someone with a short blurb that is followed by some affiliate link that ends in spammer What these people are doing is faking a RT to make it look like someone else posted it once and they are just RT’ing it. Pretty lame if you ask me, and we can stop them as long as this gets circulated fast enough before they catch on. I don’t like the idea of someone using me to promote their crap, especially without my knowledge or consent.

The offending parties can be traced back to an individual named Tis sa Go dav itar ne. Tis sa is an affiliate for a company called G DI that uses MLM strategies to sell (dot)ws domains and hosting packages etc.. He makes a boat load of cash by spamming the hell out of all kinds of places.

I have nothing against people making a buck, after all who wouldn’t want to fill their pockets. The difference here is ethics, he and his “mini-me’s” are using your name to promote a product or service without your consent, it’s shady at best and irritates the hell out of me, so I would like to help with a simple solution to stop them in their tracks.

Here’s what we need to do, simply search forspammer on twitter and it will be quite easy to tell who you should block in that list. You will see the spam accounts that are full of posts like “RT @thpersontheyareusing then an affiliate link that ends inspammer often times followed by a few more Twittter user account names to lure in a few more unsuspecting users.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I used an image instead of text to show what to search for and I split up the individuals name so this doesn’t pop up on their radar and give them a heads up to change their url (which I am sure they will do as soon as they catch on) Fortunately though, this will take time for them to do, so we have the upper hand here. Please RT this post and lets get as many people as we can after this, once an account gets blocked enough Twitter will close it so this will be a very effective way to get rid of this.