I’ll make you a blog for free, yes I said free blog

Hey everyone, it’s now official.. I have completely lost my mind, the post title you read isn’t a typo and I am completely serious. I will set up a blog for you and I will charge you $0.00 for having me do it, the only money you will have to spend will be for the obvious things like registering your domain name and signing up for a hosting account that will house your shiny new, utterly fabulous wordpress blog. I will install your new blog, set up your domain and install and configure all the “must have” plugins to ensure your blog operates efficiently, is optimized for search engines and that it is blazing fast.

You are probably asking why I am doing this, what is the catch or whats in it for me and the answer is quite simple. I have the ability to provide a service that others can benefit from, and I have enough experience doing this type of work that i can create a blog for you very quickly. I also guarantee you will have a working blog with none of the headaches associated with settting it up yourself, configuring it or the tiresome task of figuring out what plugins you need to have or how to configure and set them up, and if you follow the simple steps outlined in this post I make a few bucks for referring you to Hostgator.

This offer is only available for a limited time, I may decide tomorrow that this is just too crazy and I can’t do it anymore, so get in while the gettings good.  If you are not in shock anymore over this crazy offer, just follow the simple steps outlined below and I will have your blog up and running before you know it.

  1. Sign up as a first time customer for a hosting account with my favorite provider Hostgator by clicking this link, While you are there make sure to use coupon code WordPress at checkout and get your first month of hosting for 1 cent. (registering through my affiliate link provided here is a requirement for this offer)
  2. Register a new domain at the registrar of your choice, I recommend doing it through Hostgator when you sign up for your hosting account to keep it simple and save yourself a step, or you can use one you already have registered of course.
  3. Provide me a breakdown of the general layout requirements that you wish to have, how many columns, fluid of fixed width, color preferences etc and I will locate a free theme for your site that matches your requirements as closely as possible or I will get you a good deal on a premium theme if you wish to take that route as well.
  4. When you sign up for your hosting account at Hostgator you must use my affilaite link that is provided here, this is how I am able to offer this crazy deal to you because I receive a commission for every referral I send to them.

Once you have completed these steps use the contact page to send me a message with your name and email and we can get the process taken care of el rapido. I can also get you smoking deals on any graphics work you may need for logo or header creation as well, just let me know in the contact form.