Twitter spammers arent the brightest bulbs on the tree

Twitter… what an incredible platform it’s turning out to be. There aren’t many ways you can get a message, thought, product or idea out to as many people as easily as you can on Twitter and Twitter is free. The same features that make Twitter such an amazing marketing tool are also what make it a popular hang out for spammers, and to top it off it’s breeding a whole new generation of spammers that don’t even know they are spammers, they just think they are capitilizing on an opportunity.

I use Twitter for a few reasons, I enjoy the social aspect of it and because it gives me an outlet to share information with a large number of people easily, but I will never pimp crap or send messages about anything that I don’t personally believe in and I will never use automated means to fill my followers dm inboxes or clutter their timeline with useless garbage. How many times do I need to have someone ask me if I would like 16,000 followers? Those of you that send that message out, you should realize it makes you look like a tool and takes away any credibility you may have or might develop.

One of the fastest ways to get me to unfollow someone is to be a spammer, be annoying or just send useless garbage to me over and over, or do like this “creative” individual is doing over and over, here is a quick screen capture showing what I am talking about, if you are going to spam dont be an idiot about it and send the same canned crap messages from multiple accounts to the same person every 4 minutes using your latest and greatest automated twitter application, and no I am not going to change the names of any individuls to protect the innocent so there :-pscreenhunter_01-may-30-1129

This is just a potion of the multiple duplicate automated messages in my timeline, there were about 20 in total over the course of 30 seconds. Now, cudos to this guy for getting me to follow back 5 of his accounts, and shame on me for following him back. It’s reasons like this that I am seriously contemplating changing my policy on following back, I do it all manually now so it wouldn’t be that much more work to actually check out the user before I return the follow.