New contest! Win a free professional guest post for your site

Anyone who knows me will know I love contests, so here is my latest and greatest contest. I will award 3 winners a guest post to use on your site, the winners will be drawn at random and will be notified in a follow up post on this site. The post can be about any topic related to marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, Internet marketing, site design, hosting, optimization etc (basically anything somewhat related to the topics you read here) Guest posts are a great way to get content on your site, provide your audience with another source of information and you show your participation within a community. By partnering and participating with people who have sites similar to yours, you can open up a whole new user base, it’s a win win for everyone.

The post I provide you will be concise, complete, well researched, have a word count of at least 300 words, will be optimized for your targeted keywords and will be written in Spanish, just kidding, I will write it in complete sentences in English. Winners will be drawn using on June 15, 2009. Winning this contest will be easy, all you have to do is complete the following steps by midnight CST on June 14, 2008 to be entered.

  1. Sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already.
  2. Comment on this post with a  useful sentence and leave your twitter user name in the format @ad0 (if you don’t have one, get one)
  3. Click on the Twitter bird (where is says “click if your cool”) in my social bookmark links just below this post and tweet it.
  4. do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around. :-p

That’s it, a quick sign up, comment and a tweet. Doesn’t get much easier than this does it?