Stop Twitter Spam, the easy way

I’ve recenlty started using Twitter to promote my business, my sites as well as products and offerings but I also participate in the “community” aspect of it and really enjoy the dialog that comes from actually using the service as it was intended. I don’t use any automated tools to send messages, I do follow everyone that follows me on my @ad0 account but I do it the old fashioned way, I actually go through my list of followers and click to follow them (checking out any interesting profiles along the way)

What I have noticed lately that really drives my crazy is the amount of spam I see daily, wether it’s in the public timeline or in my DM inbox, I absolutely hate it. I started working with the Twitter API recently and started to develop an appication that would allow users to sumbit spammers to a database, once an individual received a certain number of “nominations” to the system the option would be there for anyone to automatically unfollow anyone in that database. Seemed simple enough, but gues what.. Twitter already has a built in system to take care of spammers.. Its so easy, i can’t believe I hadn’t noticed it and that more people don’t use it.

If you want to do your part to get rid of spammers on Twitter just block them, once an account receives a certain number of blocks against it Twitter will can that account. It works, its already there and if we use it we can all do our part to get rid of the bogus messages that waste our time and add no value to the system whatsoever.

3 thoughts on “Stop Twitter Spam, the easy way”

    • That is true, hypothetically of course. I have also heard that it takes quite a large number of blocks to get hit by the ban hammer.. And Twitter staff is very good about resolving issues of blocking “retaliation”

      None the less, it is something to be cautious of I suppose.

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