Shoemoney Dressing For Charity

Just a quick post here, this shows the power of social media and what value can be gained by getting your message out there. Jeremy Schoemaker from is running …

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Make A Video, Win $5000 Cash

I don’t usually promote many contest or “things” that aren’t my own, but I’m going to make an exception for this as I think it offers a good opportunity for …

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New contest! Win a free professional guest post for your site

Anyone who knows me will know I love contests, so here is my latest and greatest contest. I will award 3 winners a guest post to use on your site, the winners will be drawn at random and will be notified in a follow up post on this site. The post can be about any topic related to marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, Internet marketing, site design, hosting, optimization etc (basically anything somewhat related to the topics you read here) Guest posts are a great way to get content on your site, provide your audience with another source of information and you show your participation within a community. By partnering and participating with people who have sites similar to yours, you can open up[…]

The results are in, we have a WINNER!!!

In case you didn’t know, I decided to run a short contest to encourage site visitors to post comments and subscribe to my newsletter about 2 weeks ago. It was done for a few reasons, but mainly out of curiosity on my part about just what it would take to get interest.

What I found through this little “experiment” is that people don’t really care about 25 bucks lol.. During the 2 weeks this contest was run there were 19 comments posted here, many of them too short or “unsubstantial” in nature to fit the criteria as outlined in the post announcing the[…]