@kylielarsson Won A $50 Amazon Gift Card!

*Contest is over, the winner is @kylielarsson Congratulations!

I love contests, they are a great way to get some traffic and they are also a great way to have some fun giving something away. For this contest I will keep it simple, just complete the following simple steps and you will be in the drawing for a $50 Amazon Gift card to use however you wish.

  1. Sign up for my newsletter using the form in the sidebar (I never spam)
  2. Comment on this post, please try to make it more than “Signed Up”
  3. Use the retweet button on this post and tweet it to your followers.
  4. * optionally, drag the image of the $50 bill in this post to share it on Facebook if you want to. (just want to test out my new drag to share script)

I will use the super cool site random.org to assist in selecting the random winner of this contest, the drawing will take place on February 11th so you will have time to use the card for a Valentines gift for your someone special if you want to. Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

13 thoughts on “@kylielarsson Won A $50 Amazon Gift Card!”

  1. Yep Jason, Amazon is an amazing place lol…. My thoughts…. if it's isn't
    available on Amazon, I probably don't need it.. thanks for stopping by

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