Take Control Of What People See When They Find You Online

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This statement located at the top of the Google Profiles page says it all “What do people see when they find you online? You can control how you appear in Google by creating a personal profile…” As the reach and importance of social media and online presence continues to grow it is becoming more and more important to take control of what information people will find when they search for you online.

If you search for your name and come up with 12 people before you who have the same name, or you aren’t happy that your old stalker has a “fan” page that ranks #1 on Google for your name, you quite simply are not marketing your “personal brand” effectively enough. There is a very simple to fix this, at least on Google. By following a very simple process you can create your own Google Profile page that will ensure people find the right information about you instead of who knows what could be out there. The interface is simple, clean and very straight forward.

Heres the quick and easy of it:

  1. Go to http://www.google.com/profiles/
  2. Click on “Create My Profile”
  3. Fill in the simple form with the information you wish to share
  4. Get verified (simply follow the instructions)

It is that easy, creating, submitting and verifying your Google Profile is so simple, even a caveman could do it :-)

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