Is Your Site A PageRank Dead End?

You don’t want all the hard work you put into building your site, developing content and gaining high ranking back links to go to waste, so don’t set yourself up for failure by making your site a PageRank dead end. To understand the concept of PageRank flow it often times helps to look at it like the flow of traffic on a roadway. Each followed back link you get to your site from[…]

Pinpoint Target Your Adsense Contextual Ads

Adsense, what a great little revenue generating monster. I don’t personally know of anyone that hates it, most love it and typically the only people you hear bitching about it are the ones who have been kicked out of the program for policy violations. As for me personally[…]

Internet Marketing 101 Do it right the first time

You have decided on a niche for your internet marketing venture, now I bet you want to know how to get your marketing done correctly? Effectively using the following methods will help to ensure that the search engines can find your website, that your traffic is targeted and that your conversion rates are satisfactory. This is not the end all be all, but it’s a good place to start. Here are some of the most important things you can do to make sure your site gets traffic and that[…]

Don’t have featured articles? you should add them

I’m sure you have all seen the various sliding, scrolling, rotating, blinking or fading featured post concoctions floating around the internet lately. While some people love them, some hate them and others could care less, there is one reason why every site should have them that should trump any reason you could have to not have one. Looking at the big players sites you will see that they all have them and whether they know it or not there is a very good reason why they are there[…]

Made a new plugin, giving it away for free

Hey everyone, if you happened to read my previous post about people selling stuff and not keeping their copyright date updated you will know where the idea for this plugin came from. So anyhow, I made a plugin that handles all this for you, simply upload it, activate it and follow the included instructions and it will automatically keep your footer (or anywhere else you want it) copyright date updated based upon the dates of your posts, so if you made your first post in 1982 (when you were partying like it was 1999) and your most recent post is of course this year, this plugin will[…]

Selling something? Don’t be an idiot and make this mistake

In order to be continually successful in Internet marketing, as with any other profession, you need to keep on top of your stuff. Something that I see entirely too often are individuals that develop something, promote it, start selling it and then they put it on auto pilot and expect to sit back on their rear, do nothing and watch the millions roll in, well, this is NOT the right way to do it[…]